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Number of titles published by student-run Cornerstone Press since 1984. Cornerstone operates with support from the Department of English.


Assistant Professor of English
Professor James Berry came to UW-Stevens Point after earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Florida and his master’s and Ph.D. at Arizona State. The Miami native had never lived in snow country until two years ago.

Nurture your communication, critical thinking skills: pursue an English degree at UW-Stevens Point

The English major at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point offers you a strong liberal arts education in language and literature, which fosters communication, critical reading and critical thinking skills. The program of study is flexible, and our curriculum is a productive balance of tradition and innovation, offering, on one hand, a relatively traditional framework of period requirements in American and English literature and, on the other, cutting edge approaches to literary study. Students may choose our writing minor, with its wide range of courses in creative writing, biomedical writing and professional writing.

English faculty inspire students

English Department faculty at UW-Stevens Point pride themselves on the attention they give individual students to help them further and widen their interests, develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Class sizes are kept small and advising is tailored to the needs of each student. The English Department offers a range of student-centered activities, from career workshops to speakers’ groups. The Writers’ Club gives students the opportunity to discuss their work and to publish the best of it in the outstanding student-run literary magazine, Barney Street.

Post-graduate opportunities

Typically, English majors who graduate with teacher certification find teaching positions, even in difficult economic times. Non-teaching English majors will discover what many already know: the English major is highly adaptable. It gives students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of literature and refine their interpretive techniques, and enables them to develop critical thinking and communication skills they can apply in any occupation. Potential fields include advertising, public relations, insurance and publishing. The English major is also highly regarded as a pre-law track and as good preparation for an MBA program. The possibilities are endless.