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Philosophy and Religious Studies Scholarships

Academic Awards

Awarded to a philosophy major within their first year with 30 credits or fewer. It is based on academic performance as measured by GPA in the major, overall GPA, and performance in philosophy major classes. There is no application. Award of $750.

Awarded to a philosophy major with the most outstanding essay in the areas of philosophy or religious studies. The Department of Philosophy Scholarship Committee selects the winner. Apply here by March 1 .  Award of $750.

Awarded to a junior or senior philosophy student who has demonstrated interest in the history and culture of women in the field of philosophy. Apply here by March 1. Award of $1,500.

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department faculty select four students and then choose books to present to them based on their areas of interest. There is no application.


Visit here for details.

Scholarships are available for non-traditional students that are not connected to a particular field of study. Visit here for details.

Campus Wide Scholarships are administered by various UW-Stevens Point offices. Visit here for details.

Thanking your scholarship donor is an important part of the scholarship process. It is a requirement of University Foundation before receipt of the scholarship. Information on thanking your donor will be provided to you when your scholarship is awarded. Postage and mailing is handled by the College of Letters and Science.