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College of Letters and Science Law and Justice minor


The Law and Justice minor is an interdisciplinary minor, grounded in the humanities. It is intended both for students pursuing law school as well as those interested in law and law-related fields, including nonprofit career work, work for NGOs, paralegal work, and criminal justice broadly construed.

The minor allows students to study law and its connection to human attitudes, behaviors, practices, and values. Students will develop skills in critical thinking, written and oral communication, and analytical thought. Students will study the relationship between law and ethics, justice, freedom, power, rights, knowledge, truth, and justification.

The minor consists of at least 18 credits.

  1. Core credits – Two courses (6 credits): PHIL 315 (Philosophy of Law) and PHIL 336 (Social and Political Philosophy)
  2. Logic core – One course (3 credits): PHIL 121 (Critical Thinking) or PHIL 322 (Symbolic Logic)
  3. Writing core – One course (3 credits) ENGL 347 (Grant and Proposal Writing) or ENGL 370 (Legal Writing)
  4. Philosophy electives – (3 credits) from the Philosophy Curriculum
  5. Interdisciplinary electives – (3 credits) from the Philosophy Curriculum