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College of Letters and Science Native American and Indigenous Studies Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate

The Native American and Indigenous Studies certificate helps prepare students to work effectively with sovereign Indigenous nations in career paths such as law, government, education, health care, resource management, journalism, and many others. Program consists of 9-12 credits, including 3 credits at the 300-level or above.

The certificate requirements balance traditional academic coursework with applied, experiential, and/or service learning. Working with the program coordinator, students identify on- and off-campus learning opportunities that align with their own interests and career paths. Throughout, the program emphasizes native perspectives, past and present, with particular emphasis on the sovereign Ho Chunk, Menominee, Ojibwe, Oneida, Potawatomi, Stockbridge-Munsee, and Brothertown nations of Wisconsin. Where appropriate, students may complete their certificate requirements with an internship or other applied learning experience in their major, completed in a tribal business or agency. 

Core Classes:
Choose 6-9 credits representing at least two different disciplines:
ENGL 280 – American Indian Literature
ENGL 382 – Ethnic Literature of the United States
ENGL 386 – Major Authors of Ethnic Literature
HIST 292 – Native American History
HIST 393 – Wisconsin Indians
PHIL 381 – American Indian Environmental Philosophies

Additional 3 Credit Courses:
Choose to apply up to 3 credits to the certificate requirements from:
HIST 285 – Women in American History
HIST 288 – Race and Ethnicity in American History
NRES 150 – People, Resources and the Biosphere
POLI 315 – Minority Group Politics
POLI 330 – Constitutional Law
POLI 375 – Latin American Politics
SOC 270 – Race and Ethnicity
SOC 343 – Cultural Perspectives of Family
SW 365 – Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations

Applied Learning:
Choose up to 3 credits from:
NAIS 199 – Practicum
NAIS 399 – Special Work
NAIS 499 – Internship
(1-12 credits, may be repeated for credit)

12-credit program is an interdisciplinary certificate administered by the Department of History and International Studies. For more information, visit the Course Catalog, search by the name of this program, and filter by semester.