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College of Letters and Science Philosophy: Law and Justice Degree



The Law and Justice program is an interdisciplinary program that provides a way to study law and its connection to human attitudes, behaviors, practices, and values. Our focus is on analyzing the relationship between law and ethics, justice, freedom, power, rights, knowledge, truth, and justification. Understanding these relationships is not incidental to law; they are critical and essential components of it.  

Students completing the Law and Justice major will have mastery of logic, knowledge of legal doctrines and concepts, the theories behind law and justice, and sound critical thinking skills. The Philosophy Major with a Concentration in Law and Justice will help students understand that the law is a social phenomenon, inseparable from those that create, analyze, and interpret it. As such, we will study the relationship between law and justice, both as they are understood in theory and implemented in practice.

Why Study Law and Justice at UW-Stevens Point?

The UWSP degree in Philosophy: Law and Justice, first offered in Fall 2023, will prepare students interested in non-profit work, work for NGOs, paralegal work, social services, and criminal justice, more broadly. A BS or BA degree can be earned. The Law and Justice track emphasizes the environmental and social role that law and justice play, and intentionally develops the critical thinking and written and oral communication skills required for sustained success in law-related fields.

Alumni Voices

Philosophy helped them carve a path to fulfilling careers. UWSP Department of Philosophy alum from 1994- 2019 share their graduate stories!

Graduate School Preparation

For those whose career path leads through graduate school, the Philosophy major offers great preparation. Nationwide, students who major in Philosophy score higher on law school entrance exams (LSAT) that almost all other majors.

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The Law and Justice program at UWSP is an interdisciplinary track grounded in the humanities. Students will reflect on the human condition, developing critical thinking, written, and oral communication skills. Law and Justice is not only designed for students interested in pursuing law school; rather, it is a program designed for students interested in law and law-related fields, like non-profit work, work for NGOs, paralegal work, and criminal justice, broadly construed.

The major in Philosophy: Law and Justice requires 39 credits. At least 30 credits must be at 300 level or above. You will take required courses in critical thinking, legal writing, Philosophy of Law, and Social and Political Philosophy. Students can choose from a range of interdisciplinary electives which include such courses as “Environmental Justice,” “Constitutional Law” and “International Law and Human Rights.”  As a major, you will also complete a senior research project. Our classes are mostly small, discussion-based and student centered. 


The Philosophy Club of UWSP is a student organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining a mature and professional environment for students interested in the field of philosophy and philosophical discussion. Regular activities include student facilitated conversations about controversial and topical issues. Faculty also attend some meetings to share some of their own work with students. The club welcomes all students. For further information, please contact the faculty advisor to the Philosophy Club, Jason Zinser.

Phi Sigma Tau is the international honor society for the study of philosophy. The purpose of Phi Sigma Tau is to cultivate interest in philosophy among students and to celebrate high achievement in the study of philosophy. Phi Sigma Tau publishes a journal, Dialogue, for student contributions in all areas of contemporary philosophical research. For further information, please contact the faculty advisor to Phi Sigma Tau, Jason Zinser.

More student group opportunities can be found on the Stevens Point Involvement Network (SPIN).

Philosophy students are active in many student organizations, including the Student Government Association, and are frequently included in the ranks of the Chancellor’s Albertson Student Leadership Award winners.


UW-Stevens Point philosophy faculty ensure students read carefully, think critically, communicate effectively and participate meaningfully in environments characterized by cultural, religious and philosophical diversity.

Joshua Horn

  • Associate Professor

Dona Warren

  • Professor of Philosophy
  • Critical Thinking Center Head

Jason Zinser

  • Associate Professor
Chris Diehm

Chris Diehm

  • Professor
  • Department Chair in Philosophy
  • Environmental Ethics Program Coordinator
  • Environmental Studies Program Co-Coordinator