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Chris Diehm


Professor Christian Diehm began teaching at UW-Stevens Point in 2005 and has served as coordinator of the Environmental Ethics program since 2006. After completing his degree in 2001, he taught full-time at Villanova University for three years, and during that time he also held a position as Visiting Scholar at Pace University’s Institute for Environmental and Regional Studies in New York, New York. Diehm’s research interests include deep ecology, animal ethics, environmental ethics and the ethics of wildlife conservation. On campus, he serves on the Animal Care and Use Committee. When not doing academic work, Diehm enjoys kayaking, canoeing, hiking, wildlife watching and, whenever he can get to an ocean, surfing.

The UWSP Department of Philosophy was the first college department ever to offer a course in Environmental Ethics and remains one of the few offering an undergraduate major (and a certificate program) in this subject area.


  • UW-Stevens Point Excellence in Teaching Award (2013)
  • Visiting Scholar, Pace Institute for Environmental and Regional Studies, Pace University, New York, NY Fall 2002 


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  • International Society for Environmental Ethics (2005-present)


How It Is: The Native American Philosophy of V. F. Cordova


“Love yourself. Then forget it. Then, love the world.” – Mary Oliver


When he was growing up, he wanted to be a professional skateboarder.

Chris Diehm
Department Chair in Philosophy
Environmental Ethics Program Coordinator
Environmental Studies Program Co-Coordinator

CCC 416


Ph.D. - Philosophy
Villanova University

M.S. - Philosophy
Villanova University

B.A. - Philosophy
Salisbury University


Environmental Ethics
Introduction to Philosophy
Animal Ethics
Advanced Environmental Ethics