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Department of Philosophy Environmental Ethics Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate

The UWSP Environmental Ethics Certificate will present you with lively, contemporary topics and teach you to think carefully and critically about them. In this program, students engage in robust discussion related to the nature of personal responsibility and moral thinking about the natural world.

Our certificate, administered by the Department of Philosophy, is relevant for students of any background, and can be of special interest to students majoring in natural resources, sustainability, geoscience, biology, natural sciences, and others. The 9 credits of the certificate can be taken in any sequence.

Graduates with an emphasis in environmental ethics find employment in the nonprofit sector working for environmental advocacy, conservation, sustainable food systems, alternative energy, and environmental education.

Required Courses

  • PHIL 380 – Environmental Ethics 3 cr.

Take 6 credits from the following courses:

  • PHIL 305 – Ethics 3 cr.
  • PHIL 321 – Food Ethics 3 cr.
  • PHIL 351 – Ecofeminism 3 cr.
  • PHIL 360 – Animal Ethics 3 cr.
  • PHIL 381 – American Indian Environmental Philosophies 3 cr.
  • PHIL 395 – Philosophical Problems 1-3 cr.
  • PHIL 480 – Advanced Environmental Ethics 3 cr.

The minimum grade point requirements to be met: A minimum grade of C must be attained in each course taken, and a minimum GPA of 2.0 must be attained. View course catalog for more information.

For advising questions contact:
Professor Chris Diehm, 715-346-2334