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Tutoring for the World Languages

You don’t have to be enrolled in a World Language course to take advantage of these FREE language tutoring opportunities; you just have to be enrolled at UWSP! We offer opportunities for UWSP students to:

Contact the TLC Front Desk to schedule: or 715-346-3568. Schedule a time that fits your schedule, once or twice weekly in the CCC 234.


Peer-to-Peer Language Support in the TLC

With peers, there’s less of that intimidation. It’s a chance to practice casual conversation. For me, it’s an ideal teaching experience. Learners are invested, so as a teacher, it’s fulfilling. This is a place for community and connections.

Jarita Bavido, World Languages Tutor
“The TLC gives you vital skills for language learning. It has improved my speaking skills and honed my listening skills. The peer-to-peer practice is important. ”
Sydney PhelpsInternational Studies major