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KEEP offers a holistic approach to energy efficiency in school buildings.

In a school building, students learn where building energy comes from and how it is consumed. Students identify areas where energy is wasted and how it can be used more efficiently. Academic standards in math, science, social studies, technology education, and many other disciplines can be addressed by simply investigating the flow of energy through the building.

In addition to being an ideal resource for teaching about energy, there are added benefits to knowing the flow of energy through a school building, including reducing a school’s utility costs by conserving energy. Next to personnel, a school’s energy costs are often the most expensive budget item. Paying less for energy means more funds may be available for other priorities, including school supplies and resources.

A school building is a place where teachers, students, and administrators all intersect. Take a look at how KEEP supports each of these stakeholders through the programming and resources below.

Initiatives Integrating Teacher-Student-Administrator Stakeholders for lasting building energy efficiency:




Contact or call 715-346-4320 for more information or to schedule a no-cost customized in-service through KEEP’s funding from your school’s utility provider.