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In Grandpa’s Woods

Sharon Hardt Addy

For Lower Elementary

Children can explore Grandpa’s woods with Amy and Chad as they search for the perfect location for their play structure. Along the way, adults and children will learn the basics of sustainable forestry as they follow the children on their explorations. Delightful illustrations depict Wisconsin wildlife and scenery. This children’s picture book was developed for Wisconsin’s forestry centennial in 2004.

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The Forest Where Ashley Lives

Mark A. Vitosh & Ashley L. Vitosh

For Elementary

A story about the urban forest where Ashley lives. Forest benefits are explored as well as “did you know?” facts and tree care.

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Why Would Anyone Cut a Tree Down?

Roberta Burzynski

For 1st to 3rd grade

Some children and adults are unaware that in order to reduce tree hazards, protect other trees, or to get wood, it is necessary to cut trees. This book is intended to raise awareness of the issue. It also features tips for planting a tree.

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Every Root an Anchor

R. Bruce Allison

For Junior High – Adult

In Every Root an Anchor, writer and arborist R. Bruce Allison celebrates Wisconsin’s most significant, unusual, and historic trees. More than one hundred fascinating tales introduce us to trees in every corner of the state, some remarkable for their size or age, others for their intriguing histories.

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Wisconsin Forest Tales

Julia Pferdehirt

For 4th grade

Wisconsin Forest Tales by Julia Pferdehirt is a fabulous collection of stories revolving around Wisconsin forest history.

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One Hundred Years of Forestry in Wisconsin (1904-2004)

This coffee table book was developed for Wisconsin’s forestry centennial in 2004.

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The Greatest Good: 100 Years of Forestry in America

The Society of American Foresters produced the second edition of this coffee table book for the U.S. Forest Service centennial in 2005.

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