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Why isn’t my tree on this page?

If you cannot find your tree on our dichotomous tree key, check out these other tree ID resources:
American Forests’ Tree Doctor
Confused but curious about pruning? Baffled by bugs? Stumped by a tree ID? American Forests’ Tree Doctor is in and online. Send your tree-related questions to an expert at, and they’ll respond directly to you. 
Dichotomous Tree Key – EEK! Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
This is the DNR’s tree ID site for kids. It utilizes descriptions and line drawings.
National Arbor Day Foundation
Detailed information on dozens of commonly planted landscape trees that grow throughout the United States as well as tree terms, forest layers, tree classification, and anatomy of tree.
National Arbor Day Foundation
Also, from the National Arbor Day Foundation, line drawings of tree leaves found throughout the U.S. and an animated “how to” identify trees guide.
Tree and Shrub Identification – Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Basic ID key with photos and descriptions of many Wisconsin tree species.
Trees of Wisconsin – Cofrin Center for Biodiversity
Features an on-line key and list of tree species with photos.
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Herbarium
An incredible collection of identification resources including photos, keys, and descriptions of natural communities, fungi, plants, and more.
UI Plants
A database on woody landscape plant identification, culture, and usage for the Midwest, including native and introduced species and their major varieties and cultivars. Search by common or scientific name. Images and information on habitat, leaves, buds, stems, flowers, fruits, fall color, bark, and culture.