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Forestry Education in Wisconsin

Enriching Students. Sustaining Forests.

Wisconsin’s K-12 Forestry Education Program offers many resources to help educators and community members stay updated on Forestry Education in Wisconsin. Join our mailing list or check out our events calendar to stay updated!

LEAF, Wisconsin’s K-12 Forestry Education Program, was created to help promote forestry education in Wisconsin in 2001. Since then, LEAF has provided professional development to thousands of Wisconsin’s teachers, provided curriculum to hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin students, and registered over 27,000 acres of school forest land. LEAF is a partnership between the Wisconsin DNR-Division of Forestry and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education.

LEAF Resources

Learn more and get involved with all that Forestry Education has to offer!

Wisconsin School Forest Program

Receive guidance on developing, managing, and registering your school forest.

Professional Development

Hone your skills with virtual and in-person workshops or in-services related to Wisconsin’s forests, outdoor environmental education, school forests, and Project Learning Tree.


Enhance your curriculum with standards-based, interdisciplinary lessons about forests and forestry in Wisconsin.

LEAF Forestry Kits

Bring your classroom to life with hands-on resources that turn students into data collectors in any school ground setting.