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KEEP Energy Education Framework

Energy is certainly an important and complicated issue. The future of Wisconsin depends on people making wise energy policies and choices. That’s why a comprehensive foundation in energy education is vital for Wisconsin. In the past, curriculum developers and teachers in Wisconsin included energy education in curricula and developed energy-related activities. But many Wisconsin educators believe more needs to be done if energy education is to be widely and consistently applied throughout the state.

The Conceptual Guide to K-12 Energy Education in Wisconsin helps meet that need, whether you use it to update an existing curriculum or to develop a whole new program for energy education. We have designed this guide so that educators can use it to provide Wisconsin students of every grade level the opportunity to receive a logically sequenced, comprehensive education about energy.

LEAF Forestry Education Framework

Forest related topics cover a wide array of information, which could be overwhelming to understand and teach. This framework divides forestry education into teachable concepts, and is organized in a manner that makes them easy to communicate. The framework is not a curriculum itself, but the structure around which activities and lessons in the K-12 Lesson Guide have been built. The framework is designed to evolve as forestry education evolves. We encourage educators to modify and add to this framework as curriculum is developed to best meet their needs.

LEAF HS Scope & Sequence

This “by teachers, for teachers” resource produced by LEAF brings together forestry course syllabi, curriculum maps, PowerPoint presentations, lessons, and other useful resources. To access the full Scope and Sequence from the website, click the button below, which will bring you to a Google spreadsheet.

Building Science Framework

Building Science is the branch of science dealing with construction, maintenance, safety, and energy efficiency of buildings (Krigger: glossary). By incorporating building science topics or lessons into the curriculum, you bring real life situations into the classroom. It is important to inform students (future home buyers) to recognize a healthy home.

Since a consistent building science curriculum does not exist at the high school level in Wisconsin, this framework was produced as a reference tool for teachers to use when developing their coursework. This framework serves as the foundation for a curriculum. The concepts contained within the framework provide the basis for a strong, organized and comprehensive curriculum.

WCEE Environmental Science Framework

The Wisconsin Environmental Science Course Framework outlines an ideal year-long high school environmental science course. Topics in the framework are prioritized to help in planning courses of varied length. The framework is not intended to serve as a curriculum but to provide a consistent foundation upon which environmental science courses in Wisconsin can be developed. The framework should be modified to meet each individual teacher’s needs.

The Wisconsin Food Systems Education Conceptual Framework

This Food Systems Education Conceptual Framework is not a curriculum itself. Rather, the framework
provides the foundation and organizing structure through which curricula, activity guides, programs,
specific lessons, and other teaching materials are developed, whether that be in a pK-12 setting or a
community setting. As food systems understandings evolve, along with our food systems themselves, the
framework will too evolve.