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PLT Climate Change and Our Forests Workshop 2018

Energy Education in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) offers many resources to help educators and community members stay current on Energy Education in Wisconsin. KEEP improves and increases energy literacy in Wisconsin through professional development, teaching tools, lessons and activities, and school site resources.

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KEEP Resources

Learn more and get involved with all that Energy Education has to offer!

Professional Development

Hone your skills with virtual and in-person workshops or in-services related to energy issues facing Wisconsin students.

Lessons & Activities

Enhance your curriculum with standards-based, interdisciplinary lessons that cover 59 energy-related concepts within five energy focus areas.

KEEP Energy Kits

Bring your classroom to life with hands-on resources that turn students into data collectors in any school-site setting.

Careers in Energy

Careers in Clean Energy are among the fastest growing in the nation. Explore resources available to both educators and students to learn about and get trained for a spectrum of energy jobs and careers.

Lalitha Murali - 2022 Recipient
Patrick Bencher - 2022 Recipient

Energy Educator of the Year

KEEP is proud to highlight the outstanding network of educators across the state of Wisconsin empowering students, teachers and community members to make informed energy choices, now and for a sustainable future!

For Students

Check out KEEP’s opportunities for Youth & Community Engagement!

Clean Energy For Schools

Schools can reduce their carbon footprint through energy conservation and renewable energy. KEEP provides resources to make clean energy accessible to all Wisconsin schools.

Energy Concepts

KEEP provides professional development, lessons, and kits to support teaching energy concepts in the elementary grades.

Energy Efficiency

Learn more about how KEEP offers a holistic approach to energy efficiency in school buildings.

Renewable Energy

KEEP provides professional development, lessons, kits, student engagement opportunities, and robust partnerships to support teaching renewable energy concepts at all grade levels.

KEEP is grateful for the partnership of the following organizations: