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KEEP’s Focus Areas

KEEP provides resources for educators to support integrating energy concepts, energy efficiency, and renewable energy into their classrooms and school buildings.
View lessons grouped by our three focus areas or view additional resources related to each topic below.

Careers In Energy

View KEEP Lessons that help encourage young minds to consider career opportunities within the energy sector. In addition to individual lessons provided by KEEP, check out the Clean Energy Careers bundle, created in partner with Slipstream, WPPI Energy, and Xcel Energy, that includes behind the scenes videos and lessons on clean energy careers in Wisconsin.

Climate Change

View KEEP Lessons that explore the relationship between energy and climate change.

KEEP Lessons By Grade Level Range

Browse KEEP’s lessons by grade range to view lessons that can be used for a wider range of grade levels.
Looking for a more specific range? Browse all of KEEP’s individual lessons and filter based on your individual needs.