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MeterHero makes AP Environmental Science relevant by empowering students to investigate with their own real utility data. MeterHero is specifically designed as a turn-key semester kick-off, units 5/6 enhancement, or ideal post-exam project.

KEEP supports Wisconsin K-12 educators who wish to access MeterHero for their classrooms by covering the cost of training and implementation ($320 value). Wisconsin high schools offering AP Environmental Science or PLTW courses have found MeterHero fits in well with the curriculum they already offer.   

Through MeterHero students are engaged in energy education at school and at home, regardless of housing situation (home, apartment, school, shelter, business), leveraging their families’ interest to make STEM relevant for the students and be examples of wise utility consumption for their communities.

“Can I just say ‘thank you’ for aligning this so well to the APES curriculum and our science practices?!”
AmyWisconsin AP Environmental Science Teacher