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Indoor Activities for Discovering Energy

Conducting an Energy Audit

Complete each worksheet below for each room in the building you wish to audit.

Following the completion of the energy investigations worksheets, compile students’ top energy-saving recommendations.


Plug Load


Outdoor Activities for Discovering Energy

According to the Children and Nature Network, there are numerous reasons teachers should take their students outside: Nature enhances academic achievement, improves student behavior, motivates the students to learn, promotes communication, improves cooperation, helps students focus, and of course makes them healthier and happier! You know the benefits of teaching outdoors – but actually doing it can be daunting. That’s why KEEP has compiled this comprehensive list of energy lessons that can effectively be taught outside.

Tools instructions and Videos

Infared Thermometer

How to use an Infared Thermometer.

Light Meter

How to use a Light Meter.

Watt Meter

How to use a Watt Meter.

Flir One Camera Attatchment

Flir One Pro Thermal Imaging Camera.

Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

How to Use a Temperature/Relative Humidity Probe.

Digital Thermometer

A thermometer designed for measuring the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer.

Energy Audit Walkthrough Presentation

Overview of school Energy systems and common ways to save energy in your building.

Additional Curriculum and Lesson Plans