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In the School of Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, we deliver in-demand skills in top-notch facilities, so students are prepared for exciting STEM careers. UW-Stevens Point readies more students for graduate work than nearly any other UW System institution.

Equipped for Success

The $75 million Chemistry Biology Building is home for all our majors. All teaching and research laboratories are fully equipped with brand new, state-of-the art instrumentation. Students have access to scanning and transmission electron microscopes, protein and DNA electrophoresis, DNA sequencers, an animal care facility, high resolution mass spectrometry as well as MALDI-TOF and ion-trap mass spectrometers. The facility is the best-equipped among its kind among 11 teaching-focused UW System schools.

Cancer Researcher

Danielle Hamm ’11 Alum

I learned how to think like a scientist, how to look for questions rather than just answers, to be curious, and how to fail and try again. I believe that much of my undergraduate growth as a researcher came while working in the lab during summer breaks, and I would highly recommend this to all undergraduate researchers if their schedule permits. I attended graduate school at UW-Madison for six years and am now in my postdoctoral work in Seattle, WA at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Alumni Map

Where are they now?

UW-Stevens Point School of Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry alumni live and work all over the world—so if you’re looking for networking opportunities close to a new home or contact info for fellow Pointers in another city, you’re in luck. If you’d like to add your info to our interactive alumni map, just complete this form.
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Teaching Labs
Research Labs
Faculty and Staff

Meet Your Faculty

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Departments of Biology and Chemistry pride themselves on the strength and commitment of their faculty-to-undergraduate education.

Amanda Jonsson

  • Associate Professor

Kathryn McGarry

  • Associate Professor

Joseph Mondloch

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry

Sarah Orlofske

  • Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Curator of Animal Parasites
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