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UWSP students maintain our live collection of reptiles, amphibians, and fish. The collection, housed in the Trainer Natural Resources Building, includes nearly 25 aquariums containing 60 species of fish. Biology and natural science education major Sam Magnuson is the current lab manager.

“There is something peaceful and rewarding to be gained by watching a miniature ecosystem develop before your very eyes; fish grow larger, plants proliferate, and you can see how interconnected life really is when it is cleanly displayed within a glass box,” said Sam Magnuson, lab manager.

Interested students are encouraged to join the Ichthyology and Aquarium Science Society of Stevens Point. IASSSP offers opportunities to club members and the general public to gain experience and knowledge in ichthyological and aquarium methods. Some potential opportunities include field experience through surveying trips, research experience through projects with preserved specimens or live fish, and aquarium maintenance experience through working with live fishes.

Meetings are every Wednesday at 6:00pm in TNR 400