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College of Letters and Science Aquaculture/Fish Culture Minor


UWSP is leading the nation in aquaculture and aquaponic education opportunities through Wisconsin’s first aquaculture/Fish Culture Minor and hands-on internships at the state-of-the-art UWSP Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility. 

Aquaculture is the discipline that studies the culture of finfish, methods of production, environmental and ecological manipulation and assessment, selective breeding, nutrition, diseases, processing, marketing and operating of culture facilities. The aquaculture minor has been designed so that students interested in commercial fish farming, aquarium trade, or state, federal, and tribal hatchery programs can select from a cluster of elective courses to specialize the minor for their interests.

The aquaculture section of the UW-Stevens Point course catalogue may be accessed here.​​

The UWSP Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility has a strong presence in student aquaculture education and job placement including internship opportunities and technician positions for recent graduates. 

Aquaculture continues to be the fastest segment of food production systems globally. Students receive a unique and important skillset through the university as well as internships and technician positions at the state-of-the-art UWSP Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility. This unique training program leads to a very high job placement into a rewarding career in aquaculture, aquaponics, fisheries or similar fields.