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College of Letters and Science Chemistry (ACS Certified) Degree



The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides a supportive learning environment. Chemistry appeals to us because it touches on each branch of the physical sciences including biology, earth science, and environmental science.

Students may earn the American Chemical Society-certified chemistry degree. The certification indicates that the student has completed rigorous course work that provides them with the skills needed for a successful career in science. About 35 percent of UW-Stevens Point chemistry and biochemistry graduates go on to graduate or professional schools.

Why Study Chemistry at UW-Stevens Point?

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a challenging and modern course of study in a supportive learning environment. The department plays a central role in helping graduates find satisfying, appropriate employment through personal referrals and shared openings. Personal letters of recommendation are also available from faculty familiar with the student’s performance record. UWSP chemistry students take classes and conduct research in the university’s new Chemistry Biology Building, a state-of-the-art, $75 million facility.

Guidance Just for You

We are committed to helping you achieve both your personal and professional goals. Students will work with their adviser to plan out their course of study, and discuss career options, and on- and off-campus opportunities including research internships and scholarships. If you love science, our university will feel like home to you!

Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry administers several awards to recognize outstanding student performance in the chemistry curriculum. Awards are presented annually in the spring semester.

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The all new, $75 million Chemistry Biology Building is home for all chemistry majors. The department houses approximately $2 million of state-of-the-art instrumentation, giving students access to equipment used in diagnostic labs, hospitals, graduate programs, and environmental analysis labs throughout the country.

UWSP graduates in chemistry and biochemistry are extremely competitive in today’s job market. Successful job placement is usually attained within six months of graduation.

Chemistry pairs well with a variety of other UW-Stevens Point programs, including biology, mathematics, physics, paper science, chemical engineering, and psychology.


The department supports the local chapter of the American Chemical Society-Student Affiliate. Also known as Chemistry Club, ACS-SA is a student-run organization that promotes interest in chemistry and science in general to campus and the local community.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has a variety of interesting research projects for students to choose from. Projects are available in the areas of nanotechnology, polymer chemistry, organic and inorganic synthesis, analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, environmental chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology. Many chemistry majors present their research at the on-campus College of Letters and Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium, at off-campus scientific conferences, and as co-authors on refereed journal articles.

Major Map
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Navigate Your Major

Major Maps help students map their first day to the first job in their chosen field. While a four-year plan outlines classes to get a degree, Major Maps help students learn how to build career-ready skills and experiences outside the classroom. Each Major Map shows how students can get the most of their UW-Stevens Point journey from enrollment to graduation and beyond. It’s a roadmap to discovering your purpose!


Our chemistry courses, including laboratories, are taught by 15 Ph.D.-trained chemists who excel as instructors and mentors. Our faculty’s expertise encompasses every sub-discipline of chemistry. Meet your professors!

Shannon Riha

  • Associate Professor
College of Letters and Science, Department of Chemistry, School of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kathryn McGarry

  • Associate Professor
College of Letters and Science, Department of Chemistry, School of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Joseph Mondloch

  • Associate Professor
College of Letters and Science, Department of Chemistry, School of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Nate Bowling

  • Professor
College of Letters and Science, Department of Chemistry, School of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry

State-of-the-art Facilities

Our teaching and research labs in the Chemistry Biology Building are equipped with $2.5 million in modern instrumentation that you will use! Many courses offer their own dedicated labs.