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Kathryn McGarry


Kathryn McGarry joined the Department of Chemistry faculty in 2016, after completing postdoctoral research at the University of San Diego. She’s an associate chemistry professor and advisor for the UWSP Chemistry Club. McGarry said the department strives to give students an excellent education in chemistry and biochemistry using evidence-based teaching techniques in the classroom and state-of-the-art instruments both in class and in research. In 2022, she was accepted into the U.S. Department of Energy Visiting Faculty Program, a 10-week summer research program sponsored and managed by the DOE Office of Science’s Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists. 


  • American Chemical Society – Central Wisconsin ACS Local Section, Exec. committee chair (2018-present)


Marcum, J. S., McGarry, K. A., Ferber, C. J., Clark, T. B. (2016). Synthesis of Biaryl Ethers by the Copper-Catalyzed Chan-Evans-Lam Etherification from Benzylic Amine Boronate Esters. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 81, 7963-7969.

McGarry, K. A., Hurley, K. R., Volp, K. A., Hill, I., Merritt, B., Peterson, K. L., Rudd, P. A., Erickson, N. C., Seiler, L. A., Gupta, P., Bates, F. S., Tolman, W. B. (2013). Student Involvement in Improving the Culture of Safety in Academic Laboratories. Journal of Chemical Education. 90, 1414-1417.


Believe in yourself and seek help when you need it.


When she was growing up, she wanted to be a teacher.

Associate Professor

CBB 446


Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of San Diego

Ph.D. - Organic Chemistry
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

B.S. - Chemistry
University of St. Thomas


Fundamental Chemistry
Survey of Organic Chemistry