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Nate Bowling


Professor Nate Bowling joined the faculty of UW-Stevens Point in 2006. He’s been the primary investigator on research projects funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund, UW-System Applied Research Grant Program (WiSys), Cottrell College Science Award and the Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.

Bowling serves as Department of Chemistry chair. His research interests include: design of novel molecules, synthesis of novel organic molecules, spectroscopy of organic molecules and collaborative projects leading to advances in organic chemistry.


  • UW-Stevens Point, University Scholar Award (2023)


Widner, D. L.*, Robinson, E. R.*, Perez, A. B.*, Vang, H. G.*, Thorson, R. A.*, Driscoll, Z. L.*, Giebel, S. M.*, Berndt, C. W.*, Bosch, E., Speetzen, E. D., & Bowling, N. P. (2017). Comparing Strong and Weak Halogen Bonding in Solution: C-13 NMR, UV/Vis, Crystallographic, and Computational Studies of an Intramolecular Model. European Journal of Organic Chemistry. 5739-5749.

Nwachukwu, C. I., Bowling, N. P., & Bosch, E. (2017). C-I•••N and C-I•••pi halogen bonding in the structures of 1-benzyliodoimidazole derivatives. Acta Crystallographica. C73, 2-8.

Thorson, R. A., Woller, G. R., Driscoll, Z. L., Geiger, B. E., Moss, C. A., Schlapper, A. L., Speetzen, E. D., Bosch, E., Erdélyi, M., & Bowling, N.P. (2015). Intramolecular Halogen Bonding in Solution: 15N, 13C, and 19F NMR Studies of Temperature and Solvent Effects. European Journal of Organic Chemistry. 1685-1695.


– American Chemical Society (2001-present)


CBB 442


Postdoctoral Researcher - Organic Materials
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Ph.D. - Organic Chemistry
University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S. - Chemistry
Valparaiso University


Basic Chemistry
Fundamental Chemistry
Organic Chemistry