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World Class Aquaculture Education

UWSP is leading the nation in aquaculture and aquaponic education opportunities through Wisconsin's first aquaculture/Fish Culture Minor and hands-on internships at the state-of-the-art UWSP NADF. 

Learn about the following opportunities in the document UWSP Aquaculture & Aquaponics... 

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Aquaculture/Fish Culture Minor-Biology

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is the first accredited university in Wisconsin to offer an aquaculture minor..

Aquaculture is the discipline that studies the culture of finfish, methods of production, environmental and ecological manipulation and assessment, selective breeding, nutrition, diseases, processing, marketing and operation of culture facilities. The importance of aquaculture has increased as natural stocks of fish have declined and human consumption has continued to rise.

 Students who are interested in careers or continuing education in aquaculture, fish or aquatic biology, fisheries, veterinary science, aquatic captive wildlife, water resources, or work at a private, state, or federal hatcheries & aquariums should consider enrolling.

Summer Internship Opportunity

UWSP Summer Internship: Applied Research Experience for Undergraduates

May 26th - August 28th 2020- INFORMATION HERE


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