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The Herpetology Collection houses approximately 4,000 alcohol-preserved specimens of reptiles and amphibians from several countries spanning from Canada to Paraguay.  The majority of these specimens were found throughout the United States, especially the upper mid-west and Great Lakes Regions.


The George C. Becker Ichthyology Collection at UW-Stevens Point dates back to the late 19th Century.


Currently, the Charles A. Long Mammalogy Collection contains 10,400 specimens from various localities around the world, the majority being from the United States’ Great Lakes Region. Roughly 750 specimens of the 10,400 are stored in alcohol with the remainder as prepared study skins and bones.


The Vincent A. Heig Ornithology Collection contains about 2,000 specimens mainly from the United States.  These specimens have been prepared as study skins, bones, and mounts.