​​Focus on Teaching / Active Learning

The College of Professional Studies has been a leader in teaching-focused faculty development since 1992 when Dean Joan North led CPS in the creation of the "Focus on Teaching." Since then, the focus on teaching programs have had a positive influence on the college, its teachers and students. For another perspective on the creation of the Focus on Teaching and Learning Program, read When A College Really Supports Teaching: What Does It Look Like? by Janet Malone and Marty Loy.
Among the programs offered as part of the College of Professional Studies "Focus on Teaching" are the Teaching Partners program, classroom improvement and upgrades including the introduction of the latest in classroom technology, CPS teaching-learning library, faculty book program, funding support for attendance at teaching-learning conferences, hosting teaching-related workshops, and the hiring of a technology expert whose role is supporting faculty to integrate technology in their teaching.
The lead faculty development program within the College of Professional Studies is the Teaching Partners program. Teaching Partners at UW-Stevens Point are faculty and teaching academic staff who are paired and asked to begin a discussion about teaching and learning. With the assistance of their partner, they learn a process to help begin critically evaluating their own teaching practices. Partners are paired across disciplines to give them an opportunity to meet colleagues in a field outside of their own and to be exposed to new teaching perspectives. Participants generally agree that taking part in this program: a) increases their perceptions about the importance of teaching as it relates to their job; b) helps develop a greater sense of collegiality and community with their partner and within the college; and, c) initiates critical reflection on the meanings, intentions and beliefs that drive their teaching and learning practice.
This website has been constructed to describe the CPS Focus on Teaching programs and provide resources for those interested in the advancement of college teaching and learning.