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Supporting education from Pre-K to Doctorate and Beyond

The UW-Stevens Point School of Education works very closely with our professional educators and emerging education students in all of our programs.

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Emily Wahlquist

Emily Wahlquist

  • Administrative Program Specialist – School of Education
  • Graduate Student Success Coordinator
  • Harju Center Program Coordinator
  • Youth Programs and Outreach Coordinator
Sarah Beaulieu

Sarah Beaulieu

  • Assistant Professor – School of Education
  • Program Director – Early Childhood Education
  • Gesell Institute Liaison
Perry Cook

Perry Cook

  • Professor – Science Education
  • Director – Harju Center for Equity in Education
  • Coordinator – Elementary Methods Block Program
Lynda Fernholz

Lynda Fernholz

  • Assistant Dean – School of Education
  • Professor – Literacy
  • Faculty Co-Adviser – Aspiring Educators
  • Faculty Adviser – Student Chapter Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas