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Thank you for your interest in the Professional Education Program at UW-Stevens Point. We are excited that you are exploring the idea of becoming a teacher through our teacher certification programs​. Our staff in the School of Education Academic and Career Advising Center​ is happy to assist you with your college search. 

Ready to Apply?

Prospective and Current UWSP Students

Applications for the Professional Education Program are processed two times a year – Feb. 22 and Sept. 22.

Transfer and Re-Entry Students

The School of Education advising staff recommends applying to UW-Stevens Point​ 7-9 months prior to transferring. 
Early Childhood Education
School of Education

Visit Campus

There is nothing quite like a campus visit. It is the best way to discover why so many students think UW-Stevens Point is the ideal fit. Daily visits through the Office of Admissions are offered regularly when classes are in session. We recommend that students interested in teaching also schedule an appointment with a School of Education adviser while they are on campus for a daily visit. Appointments with a School of Education adviser can be made by calling our School of Education Academic and Career Advising Center, 715-346-2040. Both in-person and virtual visits are available. ViewPoints are comprehensive visit programs where you and other prospective students learn more about campus. Presentations include information on admissions, financial aid, student life, and career services. Students and families have the opportunity to meet with academic departments during the visit.

School of Education

Ranked #2 in the U.S.

For the second year in a row, the education program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has been ranked second in the nation according to

School of Education
School of Education

Classroom Visits

We receive numerous requests by high school students wanting to visit a School of Education class. Due to the small class size of education courses at UW-Stevens Point and in order to respect the learning environment for our students, we cannot accommodate these requests. 

Hired Before Graduation
School of Education

Hired Before Graduation

Kacey Koch ’22

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point graduates in the School of Education typically have some of the highest career outcome rates in full-time teaching jobs within their first year after graduation in the UW System.​ Job placement for teaching graduates is at an all-time high.

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Graduation Cap
School of Education

Professional Education Program Application

Applications for the Professional Education Program are processed two times a year – February 22 and September 22. Applications are due the Friday prior to the deadline if the deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Decision letters are emailed from our account within 4 weeks of the application deadline. Students who are denied admission are eligible to appeal the decision. 

The following requirements must be met BEFORE applying to the Professional Education Program. 

  • 24 Credits completed  Pass/fail credits, and courses below the 100 level are not included in the 24 credit requirement. Advanced Placement (AP), CLEP, retroactive credits and credits by exam are included in the 24 credit requirement (if approved at UWSP).
  • 2.60 Cumulative GPA from all accredited institutions attended
    NOTE: 2.75 cumulative GPA is required in order to student teach.Students who do not meet this requirement should read the exception policy.
  • Freshman English Requirement
    • Receive a B- or better in English 101 or 150 OR
    • Receive a 2.50 in English 101/102 or 101/202 OR
    • Receive a B- or better in English 250 OR
    • Test out of English 101 through department test-out exam or receive credit by examination. This does not include AP credit given for English 101 if English 150 is required. OR
    • Meet with the Tutoring Learning Center Writing Lab tutors for at least five, 1/2 hour sessions SINCE you completed either English 101 or 150. NOTE: If you have already completed the former Professional Competency Program – Writing, you have met this requirement. Contact the Tutoring Learning Center for more information on their Writing Lab.
    • A completed bachelor’s degree
    • Be currently enrolled in ENGL 101 or 150 (if you apply using this criteria, you can only be conditionally admitted to the Program and must receive a B- or better in ENGL 101 or 150 by the end of the semester for full admission to the Program).
  • Criminal Background Check – REQUIRED OF ALL APPLICANTS

    • You must have a completed Viewpoint screening within the last 6 months, a “Pre-Clinical Background Check” (or Recheck)
      • There is a fee associated with this. If you need the link to “Recheck” in Viewpoint, email request to If your pre-clinical background check is more than 6 months old, do a recheck. A recheck costs less than a second pre-clinical background check.
  • Major/Minor Department Requirements
    • Each department, outside of the School of Education, has the ability to establish their own, additional admission requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to see the department of major(s) and minor(s) for additional requirements.
  • Conduct Disclosure
    • Please be aware that you will be asked to self-disclose previous conduct-related matters during the School of Education application process. The existence of on-campus behavioral issues and/or a criminal record do not constitute an automatic bar to admission and will be considered only as it/they substantially relate(s) to the duties and responsibilities of the program and eventual licensure.
    • It is strongly recommended that students seeking admission to the Professional Education Program practice positive role-modeling behavior early in, and consistently throughout, their student career. It is important to note that students are responsible for their own behavior, as well as the behavior of their guests on campus.
    • Students with multiple, recent, and/or serious conduct histories may be required to meet with a committee in the Professional Education Program to discuss their behavior in order to determine admission status.
  • Disposition Expectations
    • Students admitted to the Professional Education Program will be expected to meet disposition expectations throughout the academic program.

Students who have been denied from the Program and those who have missed the deadline to apply to the Program have the ability to submit an appeal. The department of the major will have final approval on appeals submitted to the School of Education. Once the appeal deadline is past, the School of Education will send the major department a copy of their students’ appeals. If an appeal is granted, students will be allowed to enroll in courses requiring admission. (Appeals do not count against the limit of 2 program applications.)

Appeal Deadlines: April 1 and Nov. 1 by 4 p.m.

If a deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, appeals are due no later than 4:00pm the Friday prior to the deadline.

Students who are denied admission can choose to submit a Letter of Appeal that includes the following:

  1. Required Information:
    1. Name, address, phone number
    2. 1st or 2nd Denial
    3. Major/Minor program denied
    4. Semester you would be student teaching (Plan this out – do not guess)
  2. You may choose to include some of the following:
    1. Why you feel you would be a good teacher
    2. Extenuating circumstances that may have influenced any of the criteria used for admission in your major (i.e. illness, death in the family, etc.)
    3. Any new information that would speak for your specific situation
    4. Experience working with children
    5. Resubmit revised materials you may have submitted to the department of your major (Secondary majors/minors only)
    6. Reference Letters
      1. Most students include reference letters from someone knowledgeable about the teaching profession
      2. Secondary students also often include reference letters from someone who can recommend them in their field of study.

Students who are applying late to the program through the appeal process must submit the following:

  1. Required Materials:
    a. Cover letter explaining why they were unable to apply by the deadline
    b. Completed application packet, including all required documents
    c. Secondary/K-12 programs that require additional materials-these materials should be delivered/sent to the department of the major with a cover letter indicating that you are applying late to the Professional Education Program through the appeal process.

Appeal deadlines vary, however, students who are denied admission will be notified of the appeal deadline in their letter of denial. Late Letters of Appeal will not be accepted.

Students who meet the following criteria you may apply for an exception of the 2.60 grade point requirements by using the Exception Application available in the School of Education Academic and Career Advising Center. Students who are granted an exception are allowed to apply to the Professional Education Program without meeting the application requirement.

The Department of Public Instruction limits us to granting exceptions to 10% of our PEP admitted student population.

  • Students will be ranked using 50% overall GPA and 50% largest score deviation.
  • Final exception decisions will be determined by the SOE. Exception approvals are not appealable.

The deadlines to submit an Exception Application​ are Sept. 11 and Feb. 7. If a deadline falls on a weekend, the applications are due the Friday prior.

Requirements to apply for an Exception​

Grade Point Average (GPA of 2.75 cumulative GPA will be required at time of student teaching)

  • You have completed at least 24 hours of instruction with a grade point of 2.60 or higher.
  • Your grades show significant improvement over a minimum of 2 consecutive semesters (3.00 or higher).

Results will be emailed/mailed within 5 working days of deadlines. Requests with incomplete paperwork will not be processed.

​Additional Application Requirements

Some education programs have additional admission requirements above and beyond the requirements set by the School of Education. Students interested in one of these programs must meet all School of Education requirements and the extra department requirements prior to applying to the Professional Education Program. Students may only apply to a program twice.  
  • Communication Science Disorders (undergraduate major and graduate program)
  • Early Childhood Education (major)
  • Elementary Education (major)
  • History and Social Studies Education (majors/minors)
  • Math (major/minor)
  • Physical Education (major)
  • Special Education (major/minors)
  • World Languages (major)

Programs with Additional Application Requirements

    1. Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits beyond the GEP Written Communication requirement (English 101/202 or English 150) toward the English major.
    2. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in the English major.
    3. Students must submit a portfolio of writing that will include:
      • The name of one instructor (preferably in the UWSP English Department) who is familiar with your work and willing to comment upon it.
      • A carefully written essay in which you explain, as fully as you can, your reason for wanting to become an English teacher.
      • A strong piece of your writing in which you have included several properly-documented sources.
      • A literary analysis.
      • One other piece of your writing, something you think represents your strengths as a writer very well. This could be another research piece or literary analysis, or it could be something different, such as a piece of creative or professional writing.

      NOTE: If the English Education Committee requires further information about your application, then an interview with members of the committee may become part of the application process.

    4. The deadlines for submission of the portfolio are September 22 and February 22. Materials should be turned in to the English office.Students must arrange their schedules so that they will have a fall semester in which they concurrently enroll in the following English methods courses:
  • English 355 (3 credits)
  • English 356 (3 credits)
  • English 393 (1 credit)
  • English 497 (2 credits)
  • English Ed 396 (3 credits)

Students are encouraged to have completed all the requirements for the English major prior to taking the English methods courses.

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Professional Education Program as set by the School of Education.

Before you apply for the Professional Education Program you must be currently enrolled in or have completed Family and Consumer Sciences 190 (formerly FCS 290).

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Professional Education Program as set by the School of Education.

Additional requirements to apply to the Professional Education Program-Required by the Music Department:

  • Music Education 201 must be either in-progress or completed and passed

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Professional Education Program as set by the School of Education.

Natural Science Majors

Applicants applying to the Science Education Program must:

  • Meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Professional Education Program as set by the School of Education.
  • Complete 10 credits of science in their declared major.
  • Have earned a 2.75 Grade Point Average (GPA) or better in all courses required by their declared science major (including collateral courses).

Transfer and Re-Entry Students

We encourage prospective transfer students to contact our office as soon as possible and stay in regular contact every semester prior to transferring.

Prospective transfer students should obtain a credit evaluation from the School of Education Academic and Career Advising Center in order to determine remaining coursework, Professional Education Program application requirements​, and required assessments. Students can apply to the program the semester prior to transferring, if they meet all requirements. To request a credit evaluation, please email the following information to

  • unofficial copies of transcripts from every university, college or technical school where you earned any credits.*
  • a list of current courses
  • in the body of your email, please include your name, address, email address, phone number, and teaching major(s)/minor(s)​ you wish to pursue.

*If UW-Stevens Point was the last/only institution you attended, you can provide us with your UWSP student ID number instead of providing transcripts.

Individuals who are unable to email the information can send materials to SOE Academic and Career Advising Center, 469 College of Professional Studies, Stevens Point, WI 54481.

Credit evaluation requests will be processed within two weeks of receipt. A School of Education adviser will provide prospective students with a summary of credits remaining, a curriculum planning sheet indicating courses already completed and Professional Education Program application materials. After reviewing the materials, prospective transfer students are strongly encouraged to meet with a School of Education adviser to review the credit evaluation and plan for the future. Appointments can be made by calling the School of Education Academic and Career Advising Center, 715-346-2040.

The School of Education advising staff recommends applying to UW-Stevens Point​ 7-9 months prior to transferring.

  • ​Apply by December for a fall start
  • Apply by August/September for a spring start

Students who have been admitted to UW-Stevens Point through the Admissions process and have completed all requirements asked of them will be invited by the Office of Admissions to sign up for an advising appointment with an appropriate adviser. Advising sessions begin in March for fall admission and October/November for spring admission. Students are strongly encouraged to apply, and follow directions received from UWSP Admissions and be advised and registered as quickly as possible. Students will be required to attend their mandatory “Teaching Intent Meeting” at their earliest convenience and will receive invitations to sign up for these meetings immediately. Teaching Intent Meetings are designed to inform our students of additional requirements to earn their teaching license, explain how the Professional Education Program Application works and answer questions pertaining to student teaching.