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Take the next steps to apply to our graduate programs

Important Dates

Our registration deadlines set up our students for success. To ensure your spot, apply early!


Summer Application Deadline


Fall Application Deadline


Winterim Application Deadline


Spring Application Deadline

Apply and send all application materials to the School of Education Department. Once we receive all of your application materials, the program advisor will review your application. If they approve your enrollment, they will send you a Welcome Letter providing further instructions. Once you receive your Welcome Letter, proceed to Step 2.

Application Materials Needed

Please use the grid below to determine which documents are required for the program you are applying to. If you are applying to multiple programs, you only need one electronic copy of each document.

​Letter of Intent​Teaching License*​ResumeBackground Check
Adapted Physical Education​X​X​X
Accelerated Certification in Elementary Education (ACEE)X​X​​X​X
Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability
See application process
English as a Second LanguageXXXX
Family and Consumer Sciences*​X​X​X​X
Gifted and Talented Education​XX​​X​X
Health Education​X​X​X
​​K-9 Elementary and Middle**X​XX​​X
Master’s Degree​*​XX​XX​
Reading Teacher (#316 add-on)​XXX​X​X
Reading Specialist (#17/5017 add-on)​​X​X​​​X
Special Education (add-on)​X​X​X
​Special Education Accelerated Initial Licensure (CWIC)X​X​X​X​
Trauma and Resilience CertificateXXX

*A teaching license is not required for admission to the Master of Science in Education or FCS programs.

**Admission to the K-9 Elementary and Middle Add-on program requires specific admissions requirements that can be found at this link:

Unofficial Transcripts – Submit all academic transcripts, INCLUDING transfer transcripts. You may submit unofficial transcripts to the School of Education.

Letter of Intent – Your letter of intent should detail your background qualifications, professional development, educational and career goals, and how this program fits into your future professional plans. Your letter will be considered when determining admission. If you are applying to a teacher licensing program (ACEE, CWIC or FCS), please address your readiness to be in a professional preparation program.

License – A teaching license is not required for the Master’s Degree or the accelerated programs in Special Education (CWIC), Elementary Education (ACEE) or the Family and Consumer Sciences program (initial licensure). If you do not have a teaching license and would like to earn an initial license while at UWSP, you can choose between our special education (CWIC) program, family and consumer sciences program, or elementary education program (ACEE).

Resume – Your resume should include your education, work experience, and professional development background. Your resume will be considered when determining admission.

Background Check –

  1. All initial licensure programs, CWIC, ACEE and initial FCS licenses need to complete the UWSP Viewpoint screening “Pre-Clinical Background Check” or Recheck within the last 6 months: There is a fee associated with this. Directions.
  2. Wisconsin Department of Justice (Wisconsin DOJ) background check is allowable for add-on license programs (you must already hold a teaching license to qualify for an add-on). There is a small fee associated with this. It may take a few days to get this. The online option is the quickest. Directions.

Minimum GPA – There is a 2.75 minimum GPA requirement to be accepted into all programs. Probationary admission will be considered.

Step 2: Apply to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

If you are a degree-seeking student (enrolled in Master’s in Education program with (add-on, CWIC, ACEE, FCS) or without an additional program), you will apply to the Graduate School of UWSP.

If you are a non-degree seeking student (Only enrolled in Certificate, Family and Consumer Science, Add-On License, ACEE or CWIC), you will apply to the Special Non-Degree section of UWSP.

PLEASE NOTE that you will need to re-apply as a non-degree seeking student each semester to register for classes.

Once you are accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Enroll in Classes

Once you are officially accepted into both the School of Education and UW-Stevens Point, you are ready to enroll in classes. The university will reach out to you with instructions on how to enroll. Your program advisor will work with you to ensure you enroll in the correct courses and complete your degree on time.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are happy to talk with you.