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Tim Wright

Experience and Interests

Teaching Experience

  • Faculty, UW-Stevens Point (2009-present)
  • TA, Purdue University 2004-2008
  • TA/adjunct instructor, Northern Michigan University (2000-2003)

Presentations and Publications

Wright, T.J., Logan, N., Bueno, S. (In Press). Enriching undergraduate-level courses to meet the needs of graduate students. College Student Journal.

Fun Facts

Last book you read?

Read? My philosophy: if a book is good enough, it will eventually become a movie.

Best advice you ever received?

Don’t ever let the “highs” get to high or the “lows” get too low. Keep yourself balanced in all aspects of life.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

An astronomer … didn’t work out.

Favorite Quote?

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try- Yoda

One thing about your school that you are most proud of?

I love working with my colleagues, and I love working with our students.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

Interaction with students. They keep you young

A piece of advice for students in your school?

Get involved with the student organization (SHAPER Club), and get involved early! Future employers assume that you work well with others, are willing to volunteer, and professional development is a priority for you if you are involved with student orgs.

Tim Wright
Professor - Physical Education
Program Coordinator - Physical Education major, Health Education minor, Adapted Physical Education Certificate

133 Marshfield Clinic Health System Champions Hall


Purdue University, 2008

Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University


HLED 104 - Introduction to Current Health Issues
HLED 140 - Responsible Sexuality
HLED 250 - Teaching Methods for Middle/Secondary
HLED 340 - Curriculum and Coordinated School Programs
HLED 390 - Wellness and Drugs