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Health Promotion and Wellness

School of Health Sciences and Wellness Health Promotion and Wellness Degree


Improve communities through enriching individuals quality of life

Health promotion and wellness professionals deliver scientifically-based programs designed to help people improve the quality of their lives. Around the world, UW-Stevens Point is considered the  home of wellness. In fact, the  National Wellness Institute  was founded here and still maintains a close relationship with our academic program. 
As a health promotion and wellness major at UW-Stevens Point, you’ll meet pioneers in the wellness movement who strongly believe in the concept of preventing, rather than treating, illnesses while embracing a healthy lifestyle that includes the  seven dimensions of wellness

Why study Health Promotion and Wellness at UW-Stevens Point?

Students work closely with expert faculty to execute the types of programs and tasks they will someday do as professionals. Practicums prepare students to be excellent interns, the final requirement of our program.

Health promotion and wellness student  internship plans  are designed to provide you with experiences in behavior-change facilitation, marketing and promotion, and organizational experience. We have compiled a list of more than 300 potential internship sites; view the  Insights of Interns  to learn more about their experiences.

In preparation for a diverse and global world, students are also encouraged to participate in one of our  study abroad programs. Students can experience their profession in different cultures and contexts such as in ​​Nicaragua, Australia, and the Cook Islands.

Hired Before Graduation
Health Promotion and Wellness

Hired Before Graduation

Bridgette Zelin ’21

Bridgette Zelin ’21 was hired before graduation at D1 Training in Stevens Point, Wis., as a coach.

Insights of Interns
Health Promotion and Wellness

Insights of Interns

Zang Chang

Zang Chang interned at the Oshkosh Community YMCA as a health and wellness coach intern where his duties were to provide and teach proper exercise techniques and different coping strategies for the Beyond Limits Program and the Livestrong Program.

Alumni Map

Alumni Map

Where are they now?

UW-Stevens Point alumni live and work all over the world—so if you’re looking for networking opportunities close to a new home or contact info for fellow Pointer in another city, you’re in luck. Looking for a fellow Pointer near you or want to add your pin? Start with our map.

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What to Expect? 

Graduates in the field of health promotion and wellness are employed in a wide variety of health-related careers. Whether located in a corporate, community, hospital, or educational setting, professionals are actively involved in facilitating behavior change and promoting healthy lifestyles. Possible  career options  include: 

  • exercise specialist 
  • personal trainer 
  • exercise physiologist 
  • fitness manager 
  • wellness center manager 
  • health educator 
  • community health specialist 
  • wellness promotion director 
  • youth sports instructor 
  • lifestyle coach 
  • behavior change specialist

Get Involved on Campus

You’ll have the chance to join the UW-Stevens Point student chapter of the National Wellness Institute (NWI), an organization specifically for pre-professionals in health promotion and wellness interested in gaining practical experience in health promotion programs.

Meet Your Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff members of the School of Health Sciences and Wellness are committed to developing professionals who study, promote and model lifelong wellness for individuals, families and communities, building a stronger, healthier community.
Corey Huck

Corey Huck

  • Professor – Health Sciences and Wellness
Brian Krolczyk

Brian Krolczyk

  • Assistant Professor – Health Sciences and Wellness
  • Executive Health – MBA
  • Director – Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program
Kelly Schoonaert

Kelly Schoonaert

  • Academic Director – Health and Wellness Management Master’s Degree
  • Associate Professor – Health Sciences and Wellness
  • College of Professional Studies Diversity Task Force
  • Faculty Athletics Representative
Sallie Scovill

Sallie Scovill

  • Professor – Health Sciences and Wellness
  • Coordinator – UW-Stevens Point Employee Wellness


National Wellness Institute

NWI Accreditation

UW-Stevens Point was the first in the United States to achieve accreditation by the National Wellness Institute.