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Where to find Cps

College of Professional Studies, Room 110
1901 Fourth Avenue
Stevens Point, WI 54481

The College of Professional Studies is building 11 on the UWSP Campus Map

College of Professional Studies
Stevie and Graduate

Our Values

  • Our college attracts and builds bonds with individuals who care about the well-being of people.
  • We promote personal and organizational growth through deep understanding, inventive solutions and focused action.

Our Mission

  • We prepare undergraduate and graduate students for successful professional careers, while we emphasize critical thinking, leadership skills, ethics and lifelong learning.
  • We stress research and analytic practice among faculty and students to transform our professions, communities and the world.
  • We collaborate with our professional colleagues to sharpen best practices and to enhance student performance in the fields.
School of Business and Economics Internship Expo
Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Our Vision

  • To expand opportunities for bachelor’s and advanced degrees and for research/development that contributes to a vibrant economy and flourishing communities.
  • To infuse college programs with the commitment to individual, family and community wellness.
  • To support international experiences, incorporating our knowledge of the peoples of the world in new ways.
  • To explore new, and deepen existing, mutually beneficial partnerships.
“What makes this program different from many others is we are constantly having fun and improving. We make sure this is a welcoming and safe environment for all.”
Jalena SpragueMilitary Science

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