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Handbooks are available for download in pdf format free of charge, or in print* for $25.00 by completing the handbook order form and forwarding it to

*Hard copies of the handbooks are in black and white print.

The Plan Commission Handbook is designed to assist the plan commission, local government officials and citizens in understanding the roles and responsibilities of the plan commission and related decision-making standards.

The plan commission performs a wide variety of functions related to community planning and land use development. Formal roles are outlined in state statutes and local ordinances while informal roles evolve as a result of the nature of the plan commission’s work.

Complete Handbook – Download

Plan Commission Handbook, 2nd Edition, 2012

The Zoning Board Handbook is intended to assist zoning board members, local government officials and citizens in understanding the role of the zoning board and the procedures and standards with which their decisions must comply.

The primary role of a zoning board of adjustment/appeals is to review and decide case where there is an alleged error in a zoning decision or where a relaxation of the ordinance is sought. 

Complete Handbook – Download

Zoning Board Handbook, 2nd Edition, 2006

Plan Commission Individual Handbook Chapters