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FY21-2022 Summary of Activities

active partnerships
scholarly presentations
courses taught

More about our outreach, research, and teaching:

Grants were obtained from:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Department of Energy, Office of Energy Innovation

CLUE partners with local and state government, educational institutions and community groups to meet the needs of Wisconsin communities:

Adams, Juneau, Marathon, Marquette, Oneida, Portage, Racine, Rock, Walworth, Waukesha, Waushara, and Wood Counties

American Planning Association, Wisconsin Chapter

City of Stevens Point

Community Development Institute, UW-Madison, Division of Extension

Land Use Planning Community of Practice (NACDEP affiliated group)

League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Local Government Education Program, UW-Madison, Division of Extension

Natural Resources Institute, UW-Madison, Division of Extension

North Central Conservancy Trust

Oneida County Land and Water Conservation Dept

UW-Madison, Division of Extension, Climate Leadership Team

State Specialists and County Educators, UW-Madison, Division of Extension

Walworth County Extension Horticulture and PYD

Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planning Association

Wisconsin Coastal Management Program

Wisconsin County Code Administrators

Wisconsin County Planning Directors

Wisconsin County Planning Directors

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation

Wisconsin Lakes Partnership

Wisconsin Regional Planning Commissions

Wisconsin Towns Association

CLUE faculty and staff engage in a variety of scholarship activities:


Arnberger, A.; Gobster, P.H.; Schneider, I.E.; Floress, K.M.; Haines, A.L.; Eder, R. Landowner Acceptability of Silvicultural Treatments to Restore an Open Forest Landscape. Forests 2022, 13, 770.

Gobster, Paul H.; Weber, Ella; Floress, Kristin M.; Schneider, Ingrid E.; Haines, Anna L.; Arnberger, Arne;. 2022. Place, loss, and landowner response to the restoration of a rapidly changing forest landscape. Landscape and Urban Planning. 222(June).

Gobster, Paul H.; Arnberger, Arne; Schneider, Ingrid E.; Floress, Kristin M.; Haines, Anna L.; Dockry, Michael J.; Benton, Claire. 2021. Restoring a “scenically challenged” landscape: Landowner preferences for pine barrens treatment practices. Landscape and Urban Planning. 211(1): 104104. 15 p.

Gobster, Paul H., Schneider, Ingrid E., Floress, Kristin M., Haines, Anna L., Dockry, Michael J, and Benton, Claire. 2020. Understanding the key characteristics and challenges of pine barrens restoration: Insights from a Delphi survey of forest land managers and researchers. Restoration Ecology.

Haines, A., Liddicoat, K., and Franzen, B. 2022. “Human Connections.” Master Naturalist Program Core Materials. (accepted and waiting publication).

Chisolm, S., Gruder, S., Haines, A., Hofstedt, B., Kar, S., Mayerfeld, D., Techtmann, C., Turyk, N. and UWSP undergraduates: Brosend, D., Dee, C., Lim, J., Livernash, K., Michalesko, R., and Peterson, G. 2021. Community Climate Resilience Menu. Community Climate Resilience Menu – Community Economic Development (

Service allows staff to share expertise and participate in governance activities:


Institutional Review Board (Haines)

College of Natural Resources

Academic Advising, approximately 10-20 students per faculty member (Haines,)

Building Committee (Haines)

Dean’s Council (Haines)

International Association for Society and Natural Resources’ Society & Natural Resources Book Series. Editorial Board. (Haines, Chair).

International Programs Committee (Haines)

Internship Committee (Haines)

Natural Resources Institute Leadership Team, UW-Madison, Division of Extension (Roberts)

New Colleague Orientation, UW-Madison, Division of Extension (Haines, Markham, Roberts)

North Central Region Water Network, Climate Intersections Conference – (Haines, abstract reviewer)

Search and Screen Committees, Planning Professor, Climate Change Policy (Haines)

Student Research Symposium (Haines, judge; Roberts, judge)

Extension Climate Change Leadership Team (Haines)

Natural Resources Institute Leadership Team (Roberts)


American Planning Association (APA) – Wisconsin Chapter (Roberts, Planning Official Development Officer)

APA Conference Planning Team (Roberts)

Land Use Planning Community of Practice (NACDEP affiliate) (Haines)

Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts, Sustainable Communities Work Group (Haines, co-chair; Blaha)

Wisconsin Coastal Management Program (Roberts, grant reviewer)

Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts, Science Advisory Board (Haines)


Airport Commission, City of Stevens Point, WI (Haines)

Amherst Village Board (Roberts, Trustee)

Amherst Youth Soccer and Basketball (Roberts, coach)

Central Sands Groundwater County Coalition (Roberts, communications team)

Central Wisconsin Wild Ones (Blaha, Markham, Roberts)

Finance Committee, Village of Amherst (Roberts, chair)

North Central Conservancy Trust (Haines, board member)

Plan Commission, City of Stevens Point, WI (Haines)

Personnel Committee, Village of Amherst (Roberts)

Public Safety Committee, Village of Amherst (Roberts, chair)

Water and Sewer Commission, City of Stevens Point, WI (Haines)

Zoning board of Appeals, City of Stevens Point (Markham)