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The Natural Resources Planning program at UWSP has a final course called a capstone. This course provides students with an opportunity to develop a planning project that addresses the needs of a “real-world” client. The client and professor work to identify a community, environmental, or natural resource planning problem that they would like students to analyze. Through these partnerships, students develop their skills and professional portfolios by exploring a planning problem in a controlled classroom setting. In addition, students provide a valuable service to the community by assisting the client organization.

Site Analysis

Click the image to display the Business Park Site Analysis pdf.

Link to Business Park Site Analysis pdf

The Spring 2022 capstone experience focused on developing ideas for the Amherst Business Park. Students were divided into five teams and tasked with conducting a First Impressions survey of the community, a visioning session to gather community input, and a final open house to share potential development ideas. Each team performed a site analysis, developed goals for the business park, gathered precedent research from peer communities, and developed a conceptual master plan.

Concept Plans and Precedent Research

Click an image to display the associated poster pdf.

Group 1 – Conservation Business Development

Link to Conservation Business Development pdf

Group 2 – Eco Business Park Concept

Link to Eco Park Business Concept pdf

Group 3 – Sustainable Business Park

Link to Sustainable Business Park pdf

Group 4 – Tomorrow Business Park

Link to Tomorrow Business Park pdf

Group 5 – Amherst Development Park

Link to Amherst Development Park pdf


For more information about this project, please contact Rebecca Roberts at or 715-346-4322. 

community members share ideas at visioning session
Community members share ideas at visioning session
Student shares concepts with community members at the open house
Students share concepts at open house
Students display their work at the community visioning open house
Students display their work at the community open house

Additional Data and Resources

Village of Amherst Comprehensive Plan

Village of Amherst Zoning Ordinance

Village of Amherst Zoning Map

Portage County Business Council

Portage County WebGIS Mapping System