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Workshops are designed for newly appointed plan commission and zoning board members, veteran commissioners tackling complex issues, elected officials, and staff whose job it is to support local commissions and zoning boards.

If you are interested in requesting a workshop in your area, contact the Center for Land Use Education staff at or 715-346-3783.

Upcoming Sessions

Fundamentals of Zoning & ​Land Use Decision-Making (Stevens Point)

Wednesday, June 12, 2024, (4:30-7:00 pm)

This workshop will introduce local government officials to three primary tools for land use decision making: the comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, and subdivision ordinance. We’ll take a closer look at zoning decisions and review rules that apply when your plan commission and elected officials adopt and apply the ordinance. Learn about permitted and conditional uses, rezones, and standards for decision-making.

Workshop Flyer


“I had the chance to attend the workshop held in the Middleton Library on zoning boards. It was fantastic; very helpful….I think it is valuable for the town officials and volunteers to understand some of the science behind land use planning and regulations…”
Zoning Board Workshop Participant