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Zoning Board Handbook: Floodplain Zoning Chapter

Floodplain Zoning

Know Your Flood Risk: Homeo​​​wners, Renters or Business Owners

A Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guide to help people understand and navigate flood risk and provide the needed resources and information to homeowners, renters, and business owners. View the website.

Local Government Officials – Flooplain Management Reso​​urces​

​A FEMA publicaton of resources for local community officials who play a critical role in making their communities safer and more resistant to disaster. View the resources​.

Online training in Watershed M​anagment

​The Online Training in Watershed Management by the U.S. Evironmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a broad introduction to watershed management providing useful information to local, state, and tribal watershed managements efforts.  View the tra​in​ing program.

How Floodplain Buyouts Work

This video explains why following floodplain zoning is important, the floodplain buyout process, and how flooding and buyouts affect people’s lives.

Flood Resilience Scorecard

The Flood Resilience Scorecard is a comprehensive, whole community-approach focused tool that can be used to evaluate flood vulnerability through three different lenses: environmental, institutional and social. View the Flood Resilience Scorecard.​