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A focal point for land use planning and management education

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Land Use Education in Wisconsin

The Center for Land Use Education (CLUE) specialists and faculty teach students, train local government officials and communities, create a variety of publications and conduct research focused on planning and zoning issues.

Areas of Focus


Workshops, webinars, and on-line educational modules provide introductory and advanced planning and zoning training for elected officials, staff, and the community.

Planning & Zoning

Educational publications and resources are available to assist in understanding a variety of land use planning and zoning functions.

Natural Resource Planning

A collection of land use resources that provide additional support in understanding land use in Wisconsin as it relates to areas such as agriculture, climate change, energy, and water.
Forest Landscape restoration research cover

Applied Research

CLUE specialists engage in research to help future planners, individuals and communities identify issues and work towards sustainable outcomes.
“This training provides us with knowledge that will be very useful to us professionally. It provides us with an opportunity to compare and contrast the differences in how various counties from around Wisconsin do things.”
Wisconsin Zoning Leadership Workshop Participant
“We just had our first public hearing with the BOA since the workshop. I think it went really well. You could tell they felt more comfortable making decisions!”
Zoning Board Workshop Participant
“I attended the zoning workshop at Dunn County last night. I loved the sample meeting and was super impressed by all of the questions people asked.”
Zoning Board Workshop Participant
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