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The impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent. With the publication of the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts 2021 Assessment report in early February of 2022, the vital role Wisconsin forests play in mitigating climate change has never been clearer. The report notes, “Forests cover nearly half of Wisconsin. They provide a unique opportunity to address climate change because they can both reduce concentrations of greenhouse gases while simultaneously providing essential social, environmental, and economic benefits” (WICCI 2021). County managed forests represent the largest amount of managed forest in Wisconsin. To understand not only the impacts of climate change but the implementation of management strategies targeting climate change in Wisconsin’s forests, we surveyed those working in county forests across Wisconsin.

This research builds upon prior findings from a 2019 study conducted by University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Natural Resource Planning students on climate change planning in Wisconsin county forests. It also draws comparisons to a 2021 Yale survey on climate change policy and public opinion. The objective of this research is to seek a better understanding of the implementation of management strategies targeting climate change as well as the inclusion of such management strategies into county forest planning documents and practices.

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