LEAF Professional Development

LEAF offers a variety of professional development opportunities for educators to expand their forestry expertise. 

Both workshops without credit and courses for university credit are available.  

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 LEAF Professional Development Calendar​
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October 18 and 19, 2014

Location  UWSP Treehaven, W2540 Pickerel Creek Rd., Tomahawk, WI  54487

Instructor  Dr. Roger Jones

Time:  9:00 am - 5:30 pm 

Cost:  $150.00 for 1 graduate credit, assumes scholarship granted

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NRES 621- Greening Your Math Program - Mathematics in the Forest  

Formerly offered as NRES 741 

LEAF and Treehaven Field Station are hosting this hands-on teaching workshop for math teachers. The workshop focuses on outdoor application of algebra, geometry and trigonometry. In addition to inspiring ideas, you’ll also get mathematics-related lesson materials to take back to your classroom. 
Participants will use geometry to understand the mathematics behind making and using a biltmore stick to measure tree diameter. After exploring the mathematics behind the biltmore stick, they will actually make their own biltmore stick, and use it to collect data in the forest. They will also use simple trig to understand the mathematics of an angle gauge, then make an angle gauge and use it in the forest to estimate basal area per acre. Other topics will include population estimates and land measurement.

October 20 - November 21, 2014

Location:  Hayward, Wis

  • Face-to-face meeting in Hayward November 1 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Instructor:  Mary Pardee

Cost:  $85 for 1 graduate credit, assumes scholarship granted

Registration Deadline:  October 10

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NRES 620 - Forestry Education for the Wisconsin K-12 Classroom

Get the convenience of online learning with the benefit of an interactive day spent with peers.  LEAF's hybrid workshop teaches you key forestry principles, demonstrates teaching techniques, and gives you great activities so you can easily integrate forestry education into your indoor or outdoor classroom.  Our excellent instructors tailor each workshop to meet the needs of participants.  You will receive a grade-specific unit of our highly-regarded LEAF Wisconsin K-12 Forestry Lesson Guide and additional materials.

​October 2014 - May 2015

Location:  Various Sites

Cost:  $15-$30

Registration Deadline:  October 14

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​A Forest for Every Classroom - Place-based education for Wisconsin schools

A Forest For Every Classroom is back in a new format.  We are planning 5 workshops throughout the year.  You can sign up for as many as you like.  Participants have substitute teacher reimbursement available and a $200 mini-grant to implement a project at their school.  Participant cost $15 for the one day workshops, $30 for the two day workshop.  Topics covered include:

  • Inclusivity and Accessibility
  • Service Learning
  • Winter Ecology and Tree Identification
  • Citizen Science
  • Climate Change


​Scheduled By Request

Location: Your Site

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​LEAF School Grounds In-Service | Workshop

Discover the world of teaching opportunities waiting outside your door! Our 3 hour workshop will introduce you to activities that have been proven to get kids excited and engaged. Measurement, graphing, data collection, habitat, visual perspective, descriptive
writing, social interactions, and biodiversity are just a few of the things you can study in any school ground setting. 

Scheduled By Request

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​School Site Planning Workshop

Any site can be a great learning tool, but if you think you're ready for some site enhancements or even for a fully developed outdoor classroom, LEAF staff can help. Using the basics of the LEAF School Grounds Development Handbook we will help facilitate your group's planning discussion or provide consultation to help you through the entire site development process. The handbook outlines the steps to keep in mind as you dream up your plans. It includes handy documents that you can use to inventory your site and gather feedback from the people who will be involved.

To request a School Site Planning Workshop, complete the request form. To learn more, contact Sarah Gilbert at Sarah.Gilbert@uwsp.edu.

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Workshop Information

​October 18, 2014

​Location:  Minocqua area, Wis.

Time:  10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Cost:  $5.00 - Thanks to a WEEB Grant

Registration Deadline:  October 8

For more information, email:  wcee-plt@uwsp.edu


Project Learning Tree Pre K-8 Workshop:  Become trained in PLT's renowned Pre K-8 curriculum, which contains 96 hands-on interdisciplinary activities.  Topics include forests, wildlife, water, air, energy, waste, climate change, invasive species, community planning and culture.