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PLT Professional Development Options​

Become trained in Project Learning Tree, and learn how to use the environment to engage PreK-12 students in learning, both outdoors and indoors. PLT’s award winning curriculum materials help teach students how to think, not what to think, about real-world issues. Specialized topics include “Trees & Me: Activities for Exploring Nature with Young Children,” “Explore Your Environment: K-8 Activity Guide,” “Treemendous Science” (grade K-2), “Energy in Ecosystems” (grade 3-5), “Carbon & Climate” (grade 6-8), as well as a variety of secondary-level topics. View our PD calendar to find a training that works for you, or request a customized PLT workshop for your staff.

What We Offer

Contact for more information and to schedule a workshop for your staff.

​Customized Project Learning Tree Training

Let us come to you! PLT workshops can be scheduled at your school, early learning center, or other educational facility. Workshop length, grade level focus, and training objectives can be customized to fit your staff’s needs. Contact us to learn more.

On-Demand Online Course
Early Childhood Training

Training in Project Learning Tree’s “Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood” that can be completed whenever and wherever is convenient to you.

On-Demand Online Course
Energy in Ecosystems

Designed for students in grades 3-5, Energy in Ecosystems investigates the ways in which organisms depend on each other to survive and thrive. Students focus on forests (one of the largest and most complex types of ecosystems) and come to understand some of the interactions present in all ecosystems.

On-Demand Online Course
Step Outside Into Learning

Curious about teaching outdoors, but unsure what you need for success with learning outside the four walls of a classroom? LEAF’s Step Outside Into Learning course will provide you with lesson ideas, classroom management strategies, and development of an implementation plan to provide you with confidence facilitating outdoor instruction. Participants will learn how to conduct class outside on any type of school grounds (from urban concrete to rural forests) in order to engage and inspire students in learning. In this updated version of our popular course, participants will receive instruction and e-book access to Project Learning Tree’s new Explore Your Environment guide, as well as an introduction to LEAF’s revised Forestry Education Lesson Guides. (Meets EE Stipulation)

On-Demand Online Course
Treemendous Science!

Whether you regularly use the outdoors as a classroom or tend to hesitate every time you take your class outside, the unit is an invitation to increase the quantity and quality of your K-2 learners’ contact with nature and trees. Treemendous Science! gives K-2 students chances to explore, experience, observe, and collect tree data to develop understandings about how trees grow, the roles trees play in ecological systems, and the ways in which trees and humans interact.

Looking for other PLT Courses? LEAF offers professional development opportunities utilizing resources from PLT.