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Stevens Point Campus
Jul 13, 2024 19:05 - POINTER ALERT Stevens Point: ALL CLEAR. The tornado warning has expired.

Upcoming Trainings

For a full list of upcoming professional development opportunities visit our professional development online registration portal. Contact Jamie Mollica for any registration-related questions.

On-Demand trainings

PLT offers self-paced, online trainings for educators and community members. Some on-demand PLT trainings are listed as part of LEAF on-demand trainings for promotional purposes, so please check those out as well.


Training in Project Learning Tree’s Trees & Me: Activities for Exploring Nature with Young Children that can be completed whenever and wherever is convenient to you.


Designed for students in grades 3-5, Energy in Ecosystems investigates the ways in which organisms depend on each other to survive and thrive. Students focus on forests (one of the largest and most complex types of ecosystems) and come to understand some of the interactions present in all ecosystems.


Whether you regularly use the outdoors as a classroom or tend to hesitate every time you take your class outside, the unit is an invitation to increase the quantity and quality of your K-2 learners’ contact with nature and trees. Treemendous Science! gives K-2 students chances to explore, experience, observe, and collect tree data to develop understandings about how trees grow, the roles trees play in ecological systems, and the ways in which trees and humans interact.

Looking for other PLT Trainings? LEAF offers professional development opportunities utilizing resources from PLT.

Offerings List

These offerings may be in our upcoming events or available by request. Contact us to inquire about any of the following offerings or check our upcoming events registration portal.


Custom Service

Let us come to you! PLT trainings can be scheduled at your school, early learning center, or other educational facility. Workshop length, grade level focus, and training objectives can be customized to fit your staff’s needs. Contact us to learn more.