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​Sun, Wind, and Water
Grades K-4
Students will be able to explain the contribution of sun, wind, and water energy to the water cycle.
​​Urban Forest Guide K-4th Grade Unit Lesson 1 “What’s an Urban Forest?”​​
Grades K-4
In this lesson, students name places in their town where trees grow, search for living and nonliving things in their classroom and schoolyard, and learn how living and nonliving things interact.
Waterwheels, Windmills, and Turbines
Grades K-4 (5-8)
Students will be able to demonstrate how wind and water can move a simple turbine, and recount the role of turbines in electricity generation.
Grades 4-12
These lesson materials are provided for teachers to use with the “Impervious Surfaces…” video from the LEAF program’s Understanding Community Systems Series.
Careers in Hydropower
Grades 5-12
Students will investigate the world of work in order to gain knowledge of self in order to make informed career decisions.
​​Urban Forest Guide 5​th-8th Grade Unit Lesson 1 “Urban Forest Connections”​​
Grades 5-8
In this lesson, students combine their knowledge with information from dictionaries to define “urban forest” and “ecosystem.”



We all live in a watershed with water pollution that originates from many sources. This model helps students visualize what stormwater pollution and runoff look like.

The Enviroscape must be picked up from the WCEE.
It is not able to be shipped.

Fish Hotel

The Fish Hotel Kit was developed by the Center for Land Use Education at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. The kit helps students explore the effects of shoreline trees on Wisconsin’s fish species and is recommended for students in grades K-8.

​Fishing For Fun Backpack

Help young children, PreK-5, learn more about our freshwater species through the Fishing for Fun Backpack that includes hands-on activities related to fishing, freshwater mussels, and aquatic macroinvertebrates and encourages exploration of Wisconsin’s many water resources.

Great Lakes Invasive Species Kit

Learn about species that are invading the Great Lakes and what can be done to help stop their spread! The Invasive Species Kit helps students of all ages learn how to recognize some of the invasive species that are harming the Great Lakes. The kit includes 10 preserved examples of invasive animal and plant species.

​​Gr​ound Water Model

The Groundwater Model is an interactive classroom tool that is designed to show the flowage of water and toxins through confined and unconfined aquifers along with the effects of pumping on these aquifers. The model can be used as a teacher demonstration or by students themselves.

This item MUST be picked up from the WCEE office.
It cannot be shipped.​

Impervious Surfaces Kit

Examine what happens to rain as it travels across pervious and impervious surfaces! This kit contains materials for a surface demonstration along with resources and posters that can be used to help learners understand run-off and how it impacts lakes, rivers, streams, and the fish that inhabit them.
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