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Impervious Surfaces Kit

Examine what happens to rain as it travels across pervious and impervious surfaces. This kit contains materials for a surface demonstration along with resources and posters that can be used to help students understand run-off and the impact it has on our lakes, rivers, and streams and the fish that live there.

This Kit Includes:

  • Impervious Surface Model
  • Fish Hotels Poster
  • Lesson Plan for Impervious Surface Model
  • Second Life for Trees in Lakes Poster
  • Fish Hotel Lesson Plans
  • Game Fish of Wisconsin Poster
  • Follow the Drop Lessons
  • Little Fishes of Wisconsin Laminated Poster
  • Laminated USGS Water Cycle
  • Impervious Surfaces Laminated Poster
  • Impervious Surfaces: How They Impact Fish, Wildlife, and Waterfront Property Values
  • Northern Pike Plush Toy
  • The Magic Goggles: Discovering the Secrets of the Lake Book
  • Protecting Your Waterfront Pamphlet
  • Fish Species Cards (19)

Other Resources for this kit:

Heather Phelps

WCEE Resource Specialist

Contact Heather with any kit-related questions.