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Global Seal of Biliteracy

The Global Seal of Biliteracy™ provides access to language certification to anyone that can demonstrate their bilingualism via testing.  The certification enables recipients to showcase their language skills to schools, employers, and across state lines and national borders. It is a serial-numbered bilingual credential you can add to your resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile which can help you stand out from others in the job market and is internationally recognized.

About the Avant STAMP 4S Proficiency Test

The Avant STAMP (Standards-Based Measurement of Proficiency) 4S Proficiency Test is an internationally recognized computer-based test of language proficiency. UWSP offers tests in the following languages: Russian, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. The STAMP 4S will test you in four skills areas: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.  There are 30 listening and reading comprehension questions and three prompts each for writing and speaking areas. Test questions are based on real-world, everyday situations and measure your language ability. 

Upon completion, you will be given a score of Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced which each have sub levels of Low, Mid, or High.  Each are based on national standards set by the American Council for Teaching Foreign Language standards (ACTFL).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • UW-Stevens Point students majoring or minoring in a world language are required to take the test as part of their major or minor curriculum requirements. There is no minimum proficiency level required for either the major or the minor. Students will work with their advisor, a language instructor, or the World Languages and Literatures Department to ensure the test is taken and the requirement is satisfied.
    • Minors normally take the test in their fourth semester language class.
    • Majors normally take the test prior to graduation.
  • International Studies majors or people who plan to work internationally.
  • Any person interested in testing in more than one language.
  • Any person interested in retesting.  You may re-test as frequently as you like.​
  • Any person with a language background who may not have had professional schooling.  The Global Seal of Proficiency can be used as an alternative credential.

UWSP only offers the online version of the Avant STAMP 4S Proficiency Test.  There is no in-person test available on this campus.   The online test is proctored, so when scheduling your test time, a proctor is also scheduled at the same time.

The test is online and can be done anywhere you like, however, if you would like to have a private testing location to take the online test, one can be arranged for you.  Please contact the School of Humanities and Global Studies, Administrative Assistant, Samantha Pech, at or call 715-346-2334.

Testing is available year-round.

You will need to schedule a testing day and time in advance of registration.  The test is three hours in length, so plan accordingly.

Select a test time during Avant Support hours (highly recommended).  If you schedule your test during working hours, Avant Technical Support will be able to assist you as problems arise (if any).

See the Technical Support FAQ question for their contact information.

The test will not automatically start upon registration completion, instead, you will receive an email within 1-2 business days describing the next steps. Please register with your UWSP student email. Register now!

Prior to the testing, please visit the AvantProctor Test Takers Guide for general information on the testing process, the proctoring software, and for sample tests.


If you need accommodations, please visit Avant Assessments testing accommodations​ page for more information.

You have three hours to complete the test.  Most students report finishing within 2 hours.  The remote proctoring will limit the testing time to three hours.

The World Languages and Literatures staff will receive the results and share them with you. You do not need to do anything to access your results. Results will be available within 7-9 business days. To understand what your Individual report will look like, visit the STAMP 4S Test Taker/Parent Guide web page on the Avant Assessment website.

Improve your fluency and level up!

​You will receive a detailed report of your test results in each skill area with tips on how to level up, areas to improve on, and other useful information. You can also schedule an appointment with someone in the World Languages and Literatures Department to discuss your scores in more detail. ​

For technical assistance during your test set up or while testing contact:

Avant Support:

Phone: 888-713-7887

Support hours: 8 a.m.-7 p.m. M-F Eastern Time