Enhance Your Site


What would make your site better?

When you are comfortable taking your students outside for activities on your existing site, your ideas for curriculum connections grow. If adding something to enhance your site will help student learning, go for it! Site enhancements can be done as needs arrive or while you are Developing Your Site.


Need an idea? Enhancing your site can be as easy as setting out a bench or picking up litter...


Answer some questions

You can see ideas will grow quickly. Before you get too far, take the time to answer a few questions.

  • Needs Assessments

Before you start enhancing your site, step back and gather some information from teachers, administrators, custodians, students, community members, and parents. These Needs Assessments are an important part of Developing Your Site, and will be a good starting point for Enhancing Your Site as well. The assessments will help you answer some important questions.

-What are the needs of the school community? (That means everyone!)

-What's being done on our site now?

-What do we want to do on our site?

-What tools, resources, and materials do we need to enhance our site?

We’ve created example needs assessments that you may want to use for gathering information.  Remember there are free online tools to help you conduct your survey as well that make it easier to administer and tabulate the results.

School Grounds Educator Needs Assessment.pdfSchool Grounds Educator Needs Assessment

School Grounds Needs Assessment Administrator.pdfSchool Grounds Administrator Needs Assessment

School Grounds Needs Assessment Facility Staff.pdfSchool Grounds Facility Staff Needs Assessment

School Grounds Needs Assessment Parent and Community Member.pdfSchool Grounds Community Member Needs Assessment

  • Site Assessment

Remember to take a look at what the site has to offer. If you choose to go on and “Develop Your Site,” the site assessment will be very important. You’ll get great information to consider and a head start on a potential future project if you take the time now to do a site assessment.


School Grounds Site Inventory.pdfSchool Grounds Site Inventory


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