School Grounds Resources

The Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education Resources Library has reference books, videos, curriculum, posters, games, puppets, and entire subject specific kits all available through the Wisconsin Library System Delivery Network. Link


The Educator's Resource Center: Find resource recommendations for various subject areas in the monthly Educator's Resource Corner from the WCEE online  on the EE in Wisconsin website. Read summaries of the latest activity guides, DVDs, books, and web resources on dozens of topics. Link


The EE in Wisconsin website can offer you curriculum, event information, grant information, and even examples of the things other schools are doing. You can even put your own school site information on the site for others to read about! Link


The Earth Partnership for Schools Program (EPS) staff are experts on using ecological restoration as a focus for your classroom. Not only does this give you the chance to use your school site to teach, but you develop new learning spaces at the same time. Link


The Wisconsin Green & Healthy Schools program is a web-based, self-paced and voluntary program available to all Wisconsin public and private elementary, middle and high schools.  The program is designed to support and encourage schools in their quest for a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly learning environment. Assess your school site as part of this program! Link


Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program for PreK-12 formal and non-formal educators, Project Learning Tree is designated for all educators, youth leaders and naturalists. The materials are available through PLT workshops lead by certified instructors. Link


In addition to Project Learning Tree, Project WILD​ and Project WET​ offer additional resources and opportunities for you to incorporate your school site into your curriculum. Link



Go to EE in Wisconsin for a comprehensive list of grants by deadline. EE in Wisconsin Grants Page