School Forest Education Plans

Having a written education plan for you school forest is a crucial step
in developing your W-F.pngschool forest program. The school forest education plan will act as the firm foundation the rest of your program will be built upon. The plan will provide clear direction for development and sustenance of the school forest program.


Completing a Needs Assessment

Before starting to create an education plan, step back and gather some information from educators, administrators, community members, parents, and students in your district. A needs assessment can provide valuable information on the opportunities and challenges of using the school forest. Use the following example as a guideline to develop your needs assessment to address your specific district’s needs.  Don’t forget there are free online tools to help you conduct your survey as well that make it
easier to administer and tabulate the results of the survey.

            School Forest Needs Assessment.pdfSchool Forest Needs Assessment.pdf


School Forest Education Plan Template

The school forest education plan template provides an established, approved format for school forest education plan development. 

            WI SF Foundation Plan Guiding Document_2021.pdf


Samples of Approved School Forest Education Plans

The following samples serve as examples for other school forests developing their education plans. These samples are not perfect and each education plan should be developed to uniquely fit the needs of each individual school forest. Use the samples to guide your education plan development and to generate ideas for your own school forest.

            EducationPlanforBaldwin-WoodvilleSchoolForest.pdfBaldwin-Woodville School Forest Education Plan

            Boscobel SF Education Plan_August 2010.pdfBoscobel SF Education Plan_August 2010

            Cambridge School Forest Plan.pdfCambridge School Forest Plan

Deerfield School Forest Education Plan.pdfDeerfield School Forest Education Plan

Elmwood School Forest Plan.pdfElmwood School Forest Plan

Green Lake 2015-01-22 School Forest Plan.pdfGreen Lake School Education Forest Plan

Superior School Forest Education Plan_Feb12.pdfSuperior School Forest Education Plan_Feb12

Tomorrow River School Forest Education Plan_Dec10.pdfTomorrow River School Forest Education Plan_Dec10

Whitnall School Forest Education Plan.pdfWhitnall School Forest Education Plan

Winneconne_SF Education Plan_Dec13.pdfWinneconne School Forest Plan