Urban Forest K-4 Unit


K-4 Unit:
(4 classroom lessons)
UrbanConceptdownload.pdfUrban Forest Guide Introduction

Lesson 1: What's an Urban Forest? | Subject Areas: Arts, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Students name places in their town where trees grow. They search for living and nonliving things in their classroom and schoolyard. Students use an Urban Forest Memory card game to learn how living and nonliving things interact. They write a story or draw a picture to describe the life of a raindrop in their town. Finally they review what they have learned by comparing similarities and differences between urban and rural forest ecosystems.
UFK4L1.pdfWhat's an Urban Forest?

Lesson 2: Urban Forest Benefits | Subject Areas: Arts, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Students listen to a story, then either draw a picture or write a new story about the benefits of trees and differing points of view about trees. Students then create a rhyme or song about how trees make them feel. Finally, students consider how trees in rural forests are beneficial by comparing illustrations representing a tree in an urban forest and a tree in a rural forest.
UFK4L2.pdfUrban Forest Benefits

Lesson 3: Taking Care of Urban Forests | Subject Areas: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Students explore the reasons for urban forest management through an interactive board game. They then consider if those same problems and solutions can be applied to rural forests.
UFK4L3.pdfTaking Care of Urban Forests

Lesson 4: Urban Forest Stewardship | Subject Areas: Arts, Language Arts, Social Studies
Students learn about the meaning of the word “steward” and discuss choices they would make in given situations. They learn about the people who influence urban forests through an Old Maid-type card game. They also create their own knight’s shield that shows why urban forests are important and what they can do to help them.
UFK4L4.pdfUrban Forest Stewardship

K-4 Unit Recommended Resources
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UFAppendix.pdfUrban Forest Guide Appendix

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