Annie Baker, School Energy Education Specialist

Ginny Carlton, WEEB Administrative Specialist

Jenny Christopher, KEEP School to Home Energy Education Assistant

Jenny joined KEEP in 2014 as a graduate assistant and will continue to work with KEEP as the School to Home Energy Education Assistant. She has a B.A. from San Diego State University in business administration & marketing, with a minor in economics and an M.S. in in environmental education and interpretation from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Jenny enjoys travelling abroad, trying fantastic food and crafty drinks, and of course exercising them off afterwards!

Email Jenny | 715-346-4854

Nicole Filizetti, LEAF Program Development Specialist

Jesse Flores, Administrator

Becca Franzen, Ed.D.

Laurie Gharis, Ph.D., Director and Assistant Professor

Sarah Gilbert, LEAF Program Coordinator

Jodi Hermsen, Office Manager

Darcie Howard, WCEE Outreach Program Manager

Chris Kuntz, LEAF Outreach Specialist

Chris KuntzChris has been part of the LEAF team since 2008. She currently works closely with the Goodman Armstrong Creek School District providing curriculum support and model teaching. She is the field contact for the LEAF School Grounds program as well as the Forestry FFA Career Development Event. She has a B.S. in Education from Minot State University. Chris loves life and the natural world around her. She is a nurturer who loves to see, people, plants, animals and ideas grow.

Email Chris | 715-346-2014

Kendra Liddicoat, Ph.D.

Gretchen Marshall, LEAF Forestry and Outdoor Education Specialist

Dan Martinson, WCEE Communications Coordinator

Jamie Mollica, KEEP Program Specialist

Victoria Rydberg, DPI Environmental Education Consultant

Susan Schuller, Senior Outreach Specialist

Sara Windjue, KEEP Energy Education Specialist

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