Annie Baker, School Energy Education Specialist

Katie Boseo, Sustainability Education Resource Specialist

Tim Byers, Outreach Program Manager

Ginny Carlton, WEEB Administrative Specialist

Nicole Filizetti, LEAF Program Development Specialist

Dr. Becca Franzen

Dr. Becca Franzen

Becca joined the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2012 in a dual role as staff of the WCEE and teaching faculty in the College of Natural Resources. Becca has been an environmental educator since the early 1990s and now enjoys teaching college courses in environmental education.  She also works with graduate students, reviews applications for environmental science teaching licensure, and coordinates the Teacher Educator Network for Environmental Education. Becca has a B.S. in environmental education and interpretation and an M.S. in human and community resources from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She earned an Ed.D. through Northern Illinois University in curriculum and instruction with a specialization in social studies, science, and environmental education. In her spare time, Becca likes to go fishing, camping, hiking, and skiing.

Email Becca | 715-346-4943

Sarah Gilbert, LEAF Program Coordinator

Jesse Haney, WCEE Administrative Specialist and WEEF Program Director

Jodi Hermsen, Administrator

Dr. Steve Kerlin, Associate Professoreach Specialist

Chris Kuntz, LEAF Outreach Specialist

Dr. Kendra Liddicoat

Ann Lindner-Project Learning Tree Co-Coordinator

Gretchen Marshall, LEAF Forestry and Outdoor Education Specialist

Becky Martin, WCEE Budget and Office Manager

Dan Martinson, WCEE Communications Coordinator

Jamie Mollica, KEEP Program Specialist

Katie Perryman-Gebhardt, Administrator, Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education

Victoria Rydberg, DPI Environmental Education Consultant

Susan Schuller, WCEE Program Coordinator

Kelly Smith, KEEP School-to-Home Energy Education Specialist

Jeremy Solin, WCEE Program Director (interim)

Jessica Tomaszewski, Outreach Program Specialist

Sara Windjue, KEEP Education Specialist