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The Changing of the Land: A Wisconsin Forest History Unit

The Changing of the Land was developed in 2002 under a Wisconsin Environmental Education Board (WEEB)
grant at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station (CWES). The unit was originally distributed on CD-ROM
to fourth grade teachers in Wisconsin. A one-day field experience that complements the unit is offered by CWES.

Invaders of the Forest

Invaders of the Forest was a 2005 project funded by the Wisconsin Environmental Education Board (WEEB). Project partners: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources & The Park People: Friends of Milwaukee County Parks.

Rebuilding Our Forests: One Hundred Years of Forestry in Wisconsin

To celebrate Wisconsin’s forestry centennial in 2004, a special poster contest booklet was created that year by the LEAF Program. Activities were Wisconsin specific and reflected our state’s forest history. Because of their relevancy to Wisconsin, the activities are posted here for your use.

Complete Document
Activity 1 – I Saw it on the 6 O’clock News
Activity 2 – Urban Trees on TV
Activity 3 – Foresters Make Headlines

Wisconsin Forestree: Bridging the Gap Between Environment and Economy

Wisconsin Forestree was developed in 2000 at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station (CWES). A one-day field experience that complements the unit is offered by CWES.

If you would like a printed copy of the Wisconsin Forestree Curriculum, please email with your name and mailing address.

Wisconsin Forests Forever Teachers’ Guide

Wisconsin Forests Forever was produced by the Wisconsin Forest Resources Education Alliance (WFREA) in 2000. Printed copies were originally for sale from WFREA and were accompanied by a CD-ROM. printed copies of the material and CDs are no longer available for purchase. Four of the 14 activities utilize the CD, the remaining 10 do not.

Wisconsin Forest Tales

The Wisconsin Forest Tales Activity Booklet was developed to be used with the 4th grade reading book, Wisconsin Forest Tales, by Julia Pferdehirt. ISBN: 1-931599-47-5. The book was originally mailed to all Wisconsin elementary schools in 2004. To obtain a copy of Wisconsin Forest Tales, visit your local school or public library.

Wisconsin’s Millennium Tree

These materials were developed in 1999 as part of the Millennium Tree activities celebrating a Wisconsin tree being picked for the Nation’s Capitol Christmas tree. Created and produced by the USDA Forest Service, North Central Research Station; USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry; USDA Forest Service, Office of Conservation Education; Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry; and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.